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Buy Curious?

Welcome to PeriodToMod, where you’ll find what we call an “almost pathologically eclectic” mix of antiques from 1750 to 1980.

Think period American and Continental furniture, folk art and painted Americana, cool vintage decorative furniture and stuff, MidCentury Modern for days, genuine antique garden furniture and ornament, appropriate (and occasionally inappropriate) accessories, interesting mirrors, prints, paintings, sculpture, and…whatever.  Anything from  the serious to the funky from all periods.

We are Tim Brennan and Dave Mouilleseaux, and we have over 65 years of combined experience in buying, collecting and selling antiques from all eras.  We shoot straight, we have “the good eye” and we don’t try to wring every penny out of that we sell.  Think relaxed, reasonably funny, and no antiques dealer egotism.

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